Dylan O’Brien attends Giffoni *

demivatos replied to your post: i’m leaving for mallorca tomorrow morn…

lol i haven’t unpacked from my trip to Ohio and that was 2 months ago oops

it always takes me several weeks to unpack as well omg packing and unpacking are just not quite my favorite things to do



Ariana was spotted breaking down in tears during her ‘Good Morning America’ interview after the death of her Grandfather. When Robin Roberts brought him up, she began to tear up. She tried to cover her mouth with her neatly manicured hands, but she was visibly shaken. 

so proud of her for composing herself as well as she did, she is so strong

The Girl on F i r e and The Boy With the B r e a d .

i’m leaving for mallorca tomorrow morning and i still haven’t started packing my suitcase…


for those of you that don’t know yet, Ariana’s grandpa passed away yesterday. he fought through his battles with cancer the best he could, most importantly with ariana by his side. grandpa grande was an amazing man, with so much wisdom and a beautiful outlook on the world. we are so lucky ariana had this man in her life for as long as she did. I only wish the best for ariana and her family during this recovery time.

"May you live as long as you want, and laugh for as long as you live.” - Grandpa Grande

“don’t post that shit on the internet” *poses for a photo for the internet* - grandpa

Ariana’s grandfather has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Grande family at this time.

Rest In Peace Grandpa Grande
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